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iMedius Kick-off Meeting (08/02/2024)


Updated: 06-03-2024 15:56

On 8 February 2024, the members of the iMedius Project held their kick-off meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece. The main objective of the meeting was to divide the responsibilities across the partner institutions and the iMedius team members and decide on the steps to take looking forward.

The project's plan, timeline and the duration of the Work Packages (WPs) were presented, following the positive review the research proposal and its structure got from the Hellenic Foundation for Reseach and Innovation (HFRI - ELIDEK). Learn more about the project's plan.

There are 5 WPs:

  1. WP1: Project Management (months: 1-24)
  2. WP2: Analysis, Communication, Planning and Design (months: 1-12)
  3. WP3: Development and Implementation (months: 11-19)
  4. WP4: Integration, Evaluation and Feedback (months: 18-24)
  5. WP5: Dissemination and Communication Management (months: 1-24)

A more comprehensive presentation was later given for each WP. The deliverables regarding each WP were discussed and assigned to the relevant team members, and the main first tasks were also discussed.

Special attention was given to the project's 4 Specific Objectives (SOs) and their respetive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will ensure that the deliverables and the WPs are on track and the project fulfills its aims.


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