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Exploring the Intersection of Digital Analysis and Social Science

At the heart of the iMedius project lies a visionary approach, blending advanced digital analysis with the nuanced understanding of social sciences. Our ambition is to forge new pathways in understanding the dynamics of news dissemination and its profound impact on audiences across diverse media landscapes. iMedius is set to revolutionize the way we monitor and analyze the fast-paced world of news, leveraging cutting-edge multidisciplinary methodologies.


Innovative Monitoring for News Impact

Our first objective focuses on the development of groundbreaking monitoring processes. These are designed to dissect the complex journey of news items across various content types, social media channels and audience demographics. By harnessing these insights, iMedius seeks to uncover the intricate patterns of news spread, tracking its temporal flow and the interplay between different media platforms. This initiative promises to unveil new understandings of how information travels and evolves in the digital age.

Deciphering Emotional and Behavioral Effects

iMedius also delves deep into the multifaceted effects of news on individuals, exploring how media narratives shape emotions and behaviors. Through a combination of social science techniques, like cognitive surveys and controlled experiments and state-of-the-art technology, including attention tracking and emotion recognition, we aim to paint a comprehensive picture of the news impact. This dual approach enables us to capture the nuanced ways in which news stories resonate with people, influencing their perceptions and actions.

Why iMedius Matters

In today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, understanding the mechanisms behind news dissemination and its effects is more crucial than ever. iMedius stands at the forefront of this exploration, offering valuable insights for journalists, content creators and policymakers. By bridging the gap between digital analytics and social research, iMedius not only seeks to understand the present media ecosystem but also to shape its future, ensuring a more informed and empathetic global discourse.

Meet the iMedius Project Team

Behind the ambitious goals of the iMedius project is a diverse and talented team of 18 dedicated professionals, drawn from some of Greece's leading institutions. Led by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, our collaboration extends to the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, the University of Western Macedonia and the Ionian University. Together, we bring rich expertise across social sciences, digital analytics and beyond, united in our mission to pioneer new frontiers in news impact research.

Meet our team members


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